What industries are your hermetic doors best suited for?

Our doors are specifically designed for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical settings, and any facility requiring a hermetic separation of spaces.

How do you ensure the aesthetic quality of your doors?

Our products emphasize aesthetic and hygienic perfection, with special attention given to problematic areas and details.

What’s unique about the speed of your doors?

We have made improvements to ensure optimal opening and closing speeds, facilitating faster workflows and minimizing potential door damage.

How do your doors contribute to safety?

Our doors have integrated light sensors to provide increased visibility, ensuring both safety and efficiency in their operation.

Do your doors support pressure differences in cleanrooms?

Yes, our doors are suitable for cleanrooms with pressure differences up to 50 Pa.

Can customers customize the opening direction of the doors?

Absolutely. We offer both left and right-hand opening options as per customer preferences.

What are the visual highlights of the “Pharmacom” door series?

The “Pharmacom” series prioritizes visual concepts, innovative technical solutions, and meticulous attention to detail.

How do your PVC doors differ from traditional roll doors?

Our PVC doors offer enhanced technical and aesthetic features, suited for the modern era. They are also adaptable for clean areas and have special fire-resistant variants.

What makes the Guillotine hermetic automatic doors stand out?

Their design addresses specific challenges and problems unique to guillotine doors, providing innovative solutions for aesthetics, space usage, and time functionality.

What’s the story behind Pharmacom d.o.o.?

With extensive expertise in high-speed doors, we founded Pharmacom d.o.o. after extensive market research, focusing on innovation, quality, and the introduction of new standards in the high-speed door industry.

How do you stay ahead in the high-speed door market?

We invest heavily in research and development, emphasizing technological innovation, product updates, and the creation of new industry standards.

How do you balance quality, aesthetics, and function in your products?

Our mantra is that quality dictates form, form emphasizes quality, and both align with the product’s intended function.

Who comprises the team at Pharmacom d.o.o.?

Our diverse team includes mechanical engineers, industrial designers, installers, and servicers. This varied expertise allows us to approach high-speed door challenges from multiple angles.

Do your products have any certifications?

Yes, our products undergo comprehensive testing to ensure they meet and exceed required standards and regulations.

How do you factor in environmental considerations in your products?

We adopt a biological and environmentally friendly approach, ensuring that our products are both ecologically conscious and maintain the highest quality standards.

How do you ensure product integrity?

Product integrity is core to our mission. This involves rigorous testing, innovative designs, and the use of premium materials that adhere to European standards.

What’s your approach to innovation?

We believe in a combined approach, utilizing insights from engineers, designers, and contractors. This diversity fuels our drive for groundbreaking innovations.

How does your company contribute to the economy and ecological awareness?

We aim to refine the market both economically and ecologically, prioritizing sustainable material choices, product durability, and overall product quality.

How do you envision the future of high-speed doors?

Our vision is a blend of technological innovation, heightened aesthetic appeal, environmental responsibility, and unmatched functionality. We continuously strive to set new benchmarks in the high-speed door industry.