With plenty of specific skills and years of presence on the market of high-speed doors, we create the conditions for long-term research of producers, products, development and needs of high-speed doors market.

Based on the results of research, engineering company Pharmacom d.o.o. was established.

“On the way…”

We are a young company with a strong focus on the development and testing of technological innovations in the field of high-speed doors. Special attention is also given to updates and improvements of the existing products, as well as creations of new standards for given area.


Youthful touch to the collective and its diversity, as it covers mechanical engineer, industrial designer and contractors (installer, servicer) permits seeing high-speed door problems from different perspectives, which in turn dictates the excellent additions, innovations and solutions. The company, in addition to technical and technological features, gives attention also to environmental and aesthetic aspect of the final product.


  • The design and testing of new products in the field of high-speed doors
  • Implementation of innovation and high tech sophistication of products
  • Biological and environmental attitude, product integrity
  • The highest possible quality standard of products and components
  • Coverage of market niches (new products), and the introduction of new standards for the specific area /market
  • Visual specificity, diversity and coherence of individual products / product lines


  • The introduction of new and innovative solutions in the field of high-speed doors
  • Refinement of the market in terms of economy and ecological awareness (selection and use of materials, durability and quality of products)
  • Exploiting the potential of different profiles and perspectives – an engineer, designer and contractors
  • Combining quality, aesthetics and above all function. These are the features that dictate the form, form emphasizes quality, and quality coincides with performance – function
  • Introduction of new and updates of existing standards in the field of high-speed doors

How we do it …