A PVC solution for spaces needing hermetical separation, especially in chemical and pharma sectors. Ensures security and tailored opening/closing methods for diverse industry needs.

PVC Atomatic
hermetic doors


Designed for companies and institutions where hermetical separation of premises is desirable or required. Specific requirements of various industries are taken into account (method of opening /closing doors, security, combustibility etc.).

Special features:

The doors seem like classical roll doors with improved technical and aesthetic characteristics for new millennium.


PVC roll doors are engineered and released in the following versions: – Classic roll doors (non-hermetic), – Hermetic roll doors (suitable for clean areas), – Fire resistant roll doors (doors resistant up to 200 ° C, washable Thermoglas fabric resistant up to 500 ° C, for a short time up to 600 ° C).


Colours are optional according to RAL colour range.

Great benefits:

  • The only door in the world that has a light curtain and a presence sensor above the door.

  • Specially adapted lead function to minimalize the loss of air.

  • Aesthetically and hygienically perfected (we are focused on innovative solutions for problematic details and for specific problems, typical for this type of doors)

  • Reduction of space (all the components are lessened to a minimum scale)

  • Improved function of time (opening/closing doors, selection of materials and of the propulsion system, harmonisation of the mechanical and electronic components)

  • Increased visibility (higher productivity) and safety factor (open, closed) with the help of already integrated light curtain

  • Suitable for cleanrooms with pressure differences up to 50 Pa.

  • Simplified assembly/disassembly process with pre-assembled components

  • Focused on the details to the last screw. Doors with a perfectly smooth surface.

  • Mechanical emergency door lift or UPS evacuation.

Visual concept, technical solutions and attention to details form hermetic sliding automatic doors »Pharmacom«.